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possible speaker for your club?

Abgeschickt von Guillermo Rivera am 12 Dezember, 2006 um 04:14
My name is Guillermo Rivera.

I will be traveling to Europe next year, an (I will give a presentation at the ELK conference in Belgium)

I would like to find out the possibility of giving a conference to some clubs in Germany.

Specifically, I will be in Hamburg from August 20 to August 26.

These are most likely the talks that I will prepare for my tour


1. The genus Parodia (sensu strictu) from Argentina: Taxonomic talk based on Kiesling publications, but with references to today's general ideas about the genus, including D. Hunt latest Cactus Lexicon.

2. The genus Trichocereus in Argentina: Taxonomic review. Its merging into Echinopsis. Different species found in Argentina. Current thoughts according to D. Hunt's new book

3. The genus Gymnocalycium. A general talk on its taxonomy. Plasticity and distribution of species of species. Species found in Argentina

4. An exploratory trip to Bolivia. 3000 km over the highlands of Bolivia. With emphasis on Rebutias.

5. Northwestern Argentina. A diversity center for cacti? I would like to keep this for the ELK conference

If any clubs that you know might be interest, please do not hesitate to contact me.

All the best,

Guillermo Rivera