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Re: sempervivum swap

Abgeschickt von renee am 25 September, 2006 um 10:55

Antwort auf: sempervivum swap von renee am 25 November, 2005 um 14:02
Meanywhile my collection grow to more than 1000 species and cultivars and I'm always looking for a swap - will swap worldwide.

I'm also an editor of sempervivum swappers and sellers list with adds from Europe, USA, Canada, Australia ... Listing is free as well as an emailed copy. Just ask for it!

In vol. 2 of the semp list there are more than 3 adds, with 1500+ cultivars and species listed. Vol. 3 is due to January 2007 - but I can send you vol. 2 right away.

Please contact me to my email address. Thank you!